Happy Anniversaries

November 13th, 2011 the fates aligned, SFR and I had our first date. It only took 5 months from when he first messaged me on OkCupid. What? He messaged me in the summer, when I wasn’t checking the site all that often. When I did respond to his first message (2 months later) he decided to be passive aggressive and make me wait 2 weeks before responding….little did he know, I can be rather oblivious so his passive aggressive tactic did not work on me, I liked him anyway 🙂 That was how it went, until we met.

To be honest, our first date was not perfect. SFR was nearly 45 minutes late due to traffic from a Chicago Bears game letting out just as he was on his way to meet me. It worked out though, because when I arrived at Coast Sushi I realized it was BYOB and had to go on the hunt. Down the street I found a cute little corner store where I had a lovely conversation with the clerk on duty and was able to purchase wine from New Zealand, which I had visited the previous year. Now I had the beverage and a good conversation piece to go with it. Dinner was delicious and SFR was funny, handsome, and clever. A good first date.

Our second date was epic (pictures above). SFR literally swept me off of my feet and into the arena! We started by attending a chili cook-off at Moonshine in the Wicker Park neighborhood in Chicago, where we had the opportunity to taste and vote on over 15 local restaurants chili recipes. THEN he took me to the Circus!! Hold your thoughts.

When we arrived at the United Center and presented our tickets, we were ushered to the front of the arena in the “reserved section”. As the show began, we were pulled onto the arena with a few handfuls of other patrons in the special “reserved section” (whom may or may not have all included families with small children) and the acrobats performed around us! It was A-Mazing! The child inside of me and the child-like adult on the outside of me was enthralled. Best part, as I looked to my date I could see that the child-like adult that is SFR, was enthralled as well.

To wrap up the perfect date with a delicious bow, we went back to Wicker Park after the Circus to Hot Chocolate for the best dessert. I knew I had met my match, and I did not go on anymore first dates……………neither did he. Cheers to 5 years!!

May 12th, 2016 fate came back to reveal her crueler side. SFR was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. An evil apparent even in its spelling, as WordPress has underlined it in red as I type it here; to indicate that it is wrong, doesn’t belong and should be corrected or removed. We are trying desperately to do just that.

In the last 6 months everything changed, but aside from the cancer, the changes have been good.

  • SFR and I were able to bring our parents together from out of state, several times now, and they have begun to form relationships with each other, which makes my heart happy.
  • SFR has mended friendships that had been previously strained and nearly severed, because grudges are unnecessary and get in the way of love and happiness, which makes his heart happy.
  • We have formed stronger relationships with members of our church, engaged in small groups and both been able to engage with Christ differently than either of us had before.
  • I quit my 55+ hour a week job to focus on SFR and re-prioritize my schedule for finally writing that book and starting this blog.
  • SFR and I have been tested, grown closer and stronger together. We are a team. SFR is the fighter and I towel his brow, squirt water in his mouth, remind him that he is the champion and send him back into the ring to keep fighting.


Today we celebrate 5 years of circuses, flying helicopters, zip lines, segways, sailing, and Midwest road trips; 5 years of photo booths, beer & cheese festivals, volleyball, and outdoor concerts; 5 years of hiking, tubing, flying kites, throwing frisbee’s, and drive-in movies; 5 years of sarcasm, awkward humor, not-so-passive passive aggressiveness, and tickle attacks; 5 years of recipe guinea pigs, couch days, leftover smorgasbords, and falling in love.

Today we celebrate 6 months of fighting cancer; 6 months of tumors shrinking; 6 months of family bonding; 6 months of mending friendships; 6 months of experiencing God’s presence; 6 months of seeing each other in our darkest moments and falling deeper in love.

Happy Anniversaries SFR.

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