SFR and I both like to take our time and do our research before committing to any big decision. For example, when we first met on OkCupid, it was 5 months from the first email to our first date. Now, 5 years later we felt that we had crossed all of our “t’s” and dotted all of our “i’s” and we were ready for that next step:


✔ Solid, successful careers

✔ Join a church we both like

✔ Confirm healthy relationship through couples counseling

✔ Receive diagnosis of stage 4 colon cancer


Cancer was not on the agenda. It never is.

In the words of SFR, “We will plan the work and work the plan”, so this is our recipe for success:

  1. One novice caregiver
  2. Two seasoned optimists
  3. A dollop of Faith, Love, Support & Medical expertise
  4. A dash of humor